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Team Sport Scores

Team Sport Scores is a module that makes it possible to administer matches and once played the scores can be entered. This will allow to show historic matches and their scores and ofcourse future matches.

To prepare competition standings, Duketown prepared a UDT that can be obtained via the shop. Visit the shop for more information.

Version 1.1.9 was for a great part 'under the hood' type of changes. Programs have been prepared to be easier to maintain for future upgrades. Next to this multiple links have been prepared to the silver extension of the module.
The silver extension exists of:
- Logo and image per club (and upgrade for front end usage as well);
- Penalty points per team (and thus in specific league);
- Standing is included in extension (and uses any penalty points);
- Custom fields that can be used per member;
- Scores of the teams that belong to a specific club;
- Prepare a profile of a member (could be a random member within a team);
- New wiki help pages with template examples especially for the silver extension.

Version 1.1.8 was dedicated to bug removal.

Version 1.1.7 biggest improvement is that it is now possible to insert a report on the match. Using templates, the report can be added on the front end.

Version 1.1.6 makes it possible to:

  • Install the module (it creates security and event settings as well);
  • Uninstall the module;
  • Add various tables like Associations, Clubs, Teams, Members, Leagues and Seasons. All to support the entry of matches.
  • Add matches with the team names and when the match will commence;
  • Connect a team (set up as team in the admin) to a match;
  • Multiple parameters to manipulate the layout of the available match data;
  • Add statistics of played matches
  • Frontend templates maintained in the admin part for easy styling;

An english manual for version 1.1.7 is available via the shop. In the shop you will also find in the category Extensions, a user defined tag that allows to show the standing of a league.

The contents of the manual covers the following:
Pre-installing using FTP
Pre-installing using XML
Installing the module
Upgrade from older version to latest version
Using Team Sport Scores
Frequent asked questions

Version changes

Version 1.1.6 has been updated with statistics in mind. The changes are seen in the fact that one is now able to enter members of a team. Per match it is then allowed to enter the points scored by the various members. The entered information can be shown on the front end. Please consider to donate for the manual. See also the helptext or see the example page.

Version 1.1.5 is totally devoted to more front end parameters.

With version 1.1.4, leagues are introduced. A league is connected to a match. Multiple leagues can be connected to one season. The matches now form the first page to be viewed in the admin part. Extensive filtering and sorting on the matches is now possible.

In version 1.1.3 one can select the home playing team from a dropdown list. The same is valid for the visitors team. If you haven't set up a team, no worry, you are able to enter the name of either of the teams (or both) manually.

Version 1.1.2 makes it possible to enter Associations. These associations connect multiple clubs. Each club may contain one or more teams. A team is only a team within a given season. A season in its turn has become a part of the entry of a match. Much of these tables and their settings are preparations for more functionality.

Future Functionality

Currently development is on its way for more functionality.
For the next versions the following features might/will be included (no specific sequence):

  • Remove seconds on the match date when adding/editing a match in admin (included in 1.1.4);
  • Make match date in admin more flexible with regards to date format to be used (included in 1.1.4);
  • Connect a match to a pool/league. In this way multiple teams can be supported (included in 1.1.4);
  • Back-end (BE): Include filter on matches and sorting order option (included in 1.1.4);
  • Prepare table to hold team members with their statistics, pictures and other user definable attributes/characteristics (particially included in 1.1.6, fully available as extension to version 1.1.9);
  • Allow cancelation of match (match didn't commence due to for example the weather) (included in 1.1.5);
  • Front-end (FE): accept more display parameters (included in 1.1.5):
    - show only team info;
    - show info on team members (included in 1.1.6);
    - show statistics on matches, teams and more (partially included in 1.1.6);
  • Add functionality to store pictures of matches (or make option to link a set of pictures);
  • FE: Allow entry of score by authorized person(s);
  • BE: allow multiple templates to be prepared for each display type (included in 1.1.5);
  • Create/Delete event in Calendar module;
  • Open fields for connecting to external sources (such as team id at external source);
  • Connect material thru RSS;
  • Add attribute fields to contain link to page with photo's of the match or something like that;
  • Import/Export function of matches?
  • Build graphs using jpgraph (ie. position in league during date range);
  • Build statistics using ELO rating;
  • Build statistics using AQB rating;
  • Include locations as a database table (so a hyperlink can be prepared to mapquest/ or something similar);
  • ...


Please add requests in the development area of CMS Made Simple. Promisses are not made that they are build, but all are considered.

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