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Service Desk

This module allows you to have logged in end users to log their questions/incidents. These could be questions on products or calls for help with for example hardware. Dependent on the settings, the user will get a confirmation mail. The owner of the incident in the back end will get a mail as well (can be turned off). Back office personel will work on the incident. Based upon changes of the status, the user (called a requestor in the module) can be send a mail.

There is a basic version. This is called, in the matrix below, the free version. If you want however more functionality, the Silver or the Gold version might be something for you. These Silver and Gold versions will grow in time, while the free version may stay as it is.

The matrix below shows the functionality that will available:

Incident entry (Front End)
Incident entry (Back End)
Notes per Incident (Back End)
Define your own statusses
Category maintenance
Mail support to requestor
Mail support to service desk employees
Incidents per month report
Incidents per month report per category
Incidents overview Front End when logged in
Sort/Select on incidents in backend
Flexible attributes per incident
Show status per incident in overview
Color coding of status per incident
Dashboard with more than 4 charts
Price can be found in the shop: Free! Available
in Shop
in Shop


The Gold version has multiple graphics included. See this image for a view of what the extension will contain. For requests on other charts please use the contact page.
The Silver and Gold versions are available via the shop.

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