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Inventory Management

The inventory management module is a great way to expand the administrative side of your e-commerce solution. This module is only usefull if you use Shop/Cart Made Simple as the module set to have an e-commerce site up and running.

Inventory Management has capabilities of storing the inventory at multiple locations (great if you have two store rooms). For these locations you can raise transactions. A default set of transactiontypes (such as for sales and purchasing) are readily available. You can define new transaction types or activate types that are prepared during installation of the module (think of transfers, scrapping of stock).
Per product extended information can be stored (such as purchase price).

Sales done via the front end results in orders in Cart Made Simple. You define when you want to automatically reduce the stock in the inventory module. This can be for example at payment of the order, but also at the moment that an orderstatus is changed to shipped.

Bulk loading of data is possible just after installation of this module with which you can synchronize the products of Shop Made Simple. This makes sense if you've tracked the inventory at product level in Shop Made Simple.
Another type of bulk loading of information is build in for transactions that you can load from a locally stored file, but it is also possible to process files that are automatically pulled in on the server.

For those of you that need more information or want to have the information presented in a different way, Duketown offers the Silver extension for this module.
The Silver extension adds the following functionality:
- Profit overview, showing sales and purchase price and the profit per saleble unit;
- Overview of transactions with (next to standard filters) period and transaction type to select upon. It gives the total amount per page of transactions;
- Listing and processing of counting inventory. The counting can result in resetting the available stock.
- Help text can be found on the Silver extension page.

The Silver extension is for sale at the shop of Duketown.

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