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Charts/Graphs - JQueryPlot

The emphasis of this module is showing data not in a table or row like situation but in a graphical way.
The module is based upon open source product as described on

The module itself is delivered with no charts. However these can be bought from the shop.
Be sure to understand that the charts bought are licensed material and not free to distribute or sell.
You can add charts yourself if you want to. A description is available via the help text of the module.

Duketown encourages you to build your own charts and make them available via the shop of Duketown. Duketown either pays a fixed price per chart or a percentage of the sold ones is transferred to you.

An example of a chart is the number of new front end users in the past 12 months. Some screen shots of prepared charts:

Current month is december

Current month is may

The module allows you to show an unlimited number of charts in alphabetic sequence. The module allows you to set the number of columns with charts.

The current version of the module allows only charts to be shown in the back end. The module has been tested against a and 1.10.2 environment.

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