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Next to the default extensions, Duketown System Consultancy has prepared multiple extensions. All have been prepared baring in mind that it must be easily to maintain in the back end, while flexible for the front end.

Freely available are the modules:

  • Service Desk gives the solution to handle support requests from internal personel and from customers via front end entry of support requests.
  • Team Sport Scores which allows you to prepare matches between teams and their schedule. It is possible to store the statistics of the matches;
  • Inventory Management is to be used next to Shop and Cart Made Simple. It handles the inventory, so you can decide based upon the transactions, and the level of stock wether ot buy new products or not.
  • Shop Made Simple. This module allows storing of product information and showing it on the front end of your website.
  • Cart Made Simple is the front end part to handle requests by visitors. In the back end a full blown order handling system will be available for you;
  • Payment Made Simple is the module that is used in combination with Cart Made Simple. Using a gateway to make sure that you get paid for your products;
  • Birthday Listing forms a small but handy module to show on the actual date who is celebrating his/her birthday.
  • Maani Charts is the module that makes it possible to prepare a chart using static XML settings, or data prepared using PHP. The software allows for making detailed changes with regards to layout of the chart.

Duketown has prepared several commercial modules.

Current development is done on the module(s):

  • Inventory Management module - Extending with reports/graphics;

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