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Service Desk Silver

Using the silver version of Service Desk extends the free version with multiple tabs and their connected functionality. When the silver version is installed the following new tabs are added to Service Desk:

  1. Incidents by Period;
  2. Silver Options.

After installing the silver version, you should use the tab Options Silver. Use button 'Restore Silver Templates'. This will add two new templates with the names form_FEDetail_Silver and form_FEList_Silver. On the same tab, you will find the fields to set the default template for the front end list and detail. Select form_FEDetail_Silver for the detail and form_FEList_Silver for the list.

Post install

Be sure to use the submit button. It is best to show incidents on the front end only for signed on users. There are a number of ways to implement Custom Content, here is one way:
Prepare a global content block (name: ServiceDeskLogin) with the following:

{if $ccuser->loggedin()} Welcome {$customcontent_loginname}
{cms_module module=ServiceDesk display=incdetails pagelimit=4 detailpage=servdeskdetail} 
{cms_module module=ServiceDesk action=fesubmit} {else}
You are not authorized to view this data

{cms_module module=SelfRegistration group=Customers}{/if}

On any page insert the tag {global_content name='ServiceDeskLogin'}. Prepare a new page with alias servdeskdetail that has {* no info *} as content. This will show nothing since this is internal comment only.

Changes to standard module

You will notice that once the silver extension is installed, there is a filter available over the incidents.
Also paging is available for the incidents available in the back end.
Do you want to sort the columns to your likings, install module jQueryTools. Except for the options tab, it will then be possible to sort every single column ascending or descending. Use the submit or reset button to apply the default sequence again.

Incidents by Period

Use the report filter to your likings. Using the reset button will set the year (from/to) and period (from/to) to the current year and period. The status will be reset to 'all open'. The filter criteria are stored per user.

Silver Options

For the usage of the settings of the default templates (and the button 'Restore Silver Templates', please see the description above on post installing the silver extension. The page limit for lists is a number that is used thoughout, at least, the Duketown related the modules. If you set it here to 10 rows per page, you will see that as well happening in for example the module DTInventory (Silver). This setting is per user.

More information

This extension can be bought in our Shop.
For a description of the various versions available see the service desk explanation page.

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