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Discount Coupons

With the financial situation in the world as it is today, your customers are looking for the product with the best discount. Voucher eager as they may be, with this module and your mailing lists, you will be able to attrack them more often to your shop.

Are you using module Cart Made Simple, then this module 'Discount Coupons' is one to use as soon as possible. It allows controlling an unlimited number of coupons with their own discount type (percentage or flat value).

The discount is always calculated on the product total of the order (so no shipping, nor administration cost are taken into account).

You are able to limit the use of the coupons with an activity code, available from/to date and maximum number of coupons used for a given coupon code.

The module generates coupon codes on the fly (if you want to) with a maximum length of 12 positions. The codes consists of numbers and letters (you decide if only uppercase is allowed).

An easy date selector is build in (using Google Ajax calendar).

Grab you version of the module now via the Module Manager.

Coupons are used via the module Cart Made Simple.

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