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Commercial Modules

Other modules prepared by us are:

  • A module that is tightly linked to Authorize.Net. The module handles deposits made on the front end. The deposit is directed to Authorize.Net and the administration in the back end of CMSMS is updated in two ways. One is Front End Users that will show the number of deposits done and the total amount. Next to this is a list of the deposits done in detail. Invoice numbering is done per deposit for tracking.
  • Event Management System is a module that is based upon a calendar module. It has been extended to handle events and have registars pay per event using a connection to PayPal.
  • Not really a module, but a very nice combination of user defined tags allows the company to prepare coupons per registered user (via frontend user management). Coupons can be prepared as pages and (re)set per user if needed.
  • PoolPoll is a module that has been prepared for a dutch site. This is a module that allows visitors of a website to vote on a number of measurements for the pool (such as quality, safety etc). It will calculate the average score for the pool. Sorry to say, but it is not for sale.
  • Property Listing (ProLi)
    This module is used for listing real estate. In combination with other modules, it is able to show connected images and attachments. 
    You can view the result at Seaboard Commercial Property;
  • CourseInfo
    This a module that is connected to a course information system that is administered in another application. The tables of this application are used to show the course information. Retrieval of evaluation and reference information regarding the given courses is derieved from third party using computer to computer communication.
  • Document Distribution (DocuDis)
    If you have a lot of customers and a lot of documents and you like to share only part of the documents to specific customers then this module helps out. You are able to select a part of the documents and connect them to a customer (handled via the module Front End User). Once the customer logs in, only the selected documents are made available. For example you sell digital manuals. A visitor has interrest, pays. You connect the requested documents to the customer (the original visitor) and send the visitor the log in name and password.
Each of these modules can be purchased. If you are interrested, please get in contact using the contact form.

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