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Another chart/graphics related module produced by Duketown is module Maani Charts. It provides you the option to prepare any chart that you want based upon XML data. This data can be prepared statically or dynamically.

A static chart (be it a bar, line or which ever type of chart) is provided, by entering the XML information. You can change the colors, sizes, fonts, shadow and a lot more on the layout.

A dynamic chart is based upon PHP coding. It is prepared when the visitor on the front side (templates can be prepared for one or more charts) or in a dashboard style of charts.

You are also allowed to prepare a hybrid form of both static as well as dynamic charts. These could be that you prepare static fonts, boxes, legends, but the data for the chart itself is coming from data held by the database (this could also be a non CMSMadeSimple database, since you can build a PHP script that performs all of that).

The charts prepared are based upon the source of

License: The module is free. The charts prepared follow the license of (there is a payment to do to stop the hyperlink to their site).

Charts can be exported and imported. Easy to share, easy to transfer to another site.

There is one that is installed automatically:Chart Automatic installed and prepared

So you want other examples? This linked page is filled with screenshots.

Buy charts via the shop of Duketown.

Use the module for showing charts in both the back end as well as on the front end.

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