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Chart Examples

Simple chart based upon static data

This is an example of static data used. In this case sales per year per region. Using a licensed version of the flash being used, you can hide the regions by clicking on the region name in the legend.

Color, line thickness etc, can be prepared using xml settings.

Since a number of the bars seem to be having the same value, a guide can be included. This has been implemented in this population per country chart. The dashed line shows the value the cursor is at, at that moment.

It also helps to see which bars are on the same level. Both horizontal (as shown) as vertical guides can be prepared.

Population per country
Users per FEU group


Various chart types are possible. This one is based upon a hybrid form of xml for the layout and php used for the data retrieved from module FrontEndUsers.

Buy this chart via the shop.


One of the charts that is for sale in the shop is the chart that shows the quantity and amounts sold during periods of the past year (based upon information available from module Inventory Management.

The chart works as shown in the presentation
via a new window.

Buy this chart via the shop.

Quantity and amount sold per period

Buying charts

See the shop for more charts.

Selling your chart

So Duketown wants to buy your chart. Leave a note via the contact form and explain the chart that you have prepared. Those that support the hybrid form will earn you the most. Duketown will get in contact with you.

Duketown will sell the chart you made via its own shop. This will make you famous since Duketown will leave the chart as it is (including your comments).

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