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10/12/2012 - Book on CMS Made Simple 1.11

Duketown has updated its book on how to use CMS Made Simple.

The digital version is now available, and can be downloaded after payment via PayPal.
locate it our shop for US$ 15.50.

The book describes the core modules such as how to handle pages and news.
Installation of modules is explained and the E-Commerce suite that is maintained by Duketown is also explained in detail.
You can use this book in combination with CMS Made Simple version 1.11. When you have an older version installed you will notice that the majority of the book is supportive and usefull.

You will find at least the following chapters in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Installing
  • Overview of administration part
  • Managing Content Global Content Blocks
  • File Manager
  • News
  • Layout
  • Users and Groups
  • Extensions
  • Language Support
  • Module Guestbook explained
  • Ecommerce with CMSMS using the suite from Duketown
  • Module User Directory by Chris Johnson
  • Site admin in detail
  • Miscellaneous
  • Support
  • Resources
  • Glossary

The book is packed with information and spans more than 270 pages. Many images have been included to further clarify the information.

23/12/2011 - Module Service Desk upgraded

The module Service Desk has been worked on again by Duketown. This time a lot of effort is put in the Gold extension that allows additional functionality to the module.
Due to some of the changes in this Gold extension, the module needed an upgrade to keep on working. Those enironments that have a Silver extension installed, can easily upgrade without problems.

Very good to know is that the module in combination with the Gold extension offers attributes per incident.

Locate and upgrade to the latest version of the module via the Module Manager or the Forge.

22/12/2011 - New Module 'JQueryPlot' Launched

Our latest addition to the growing list of available modules is module JQueryPlot.

The module allows you to install charts in a dashboard. A chart is a program that generates a format based upon jqplot. Jqplot is a plugin for jQuery that allows you to present data in graphs/charts. Examples of the charts can be found on

For you this means that a dashboard is made available that shows the charts. A chart can either be build or bought from our shop. See the category 'Charts'.

See for more detail on the module page: Graphs

New charts are made available in the near future. You can however participate in building charts and sell them to Duketown.

18/11/2011 - New site launched

As of last saturday, Maxime offers her graphic designs via the website that has been prepared for her. See for more info.

Implementation of this site was incredable fast. In a day, the design was made by Maxime. Duketown prepared the front and back end of the site. Module Gallery and Statistics is in use with this site.

01/11/2011 - New site launched

The site is specifically made for a person that offers services in decorating/styling and support from a styling perspective on funarals.

Although the site is in dutch, it gives a good overview of the options available for the visitor.
The request was to make the view as light as possible, but still professional looking.

See the site for yourself:

31/10/2011 - GoogleMaps now with lines

It has been quite some time that time was spend on module GoogleMaps. Google didn't rest with their development on Google Maps functionality. A new user interface was introduced by Google, streetview is now in place, scrolling is different and the implementation doesn't need a specific API key any more.

All of this is in the API version 3.0 of Google.

Duketown has taken CMSMS module GoogleMaps and used this new version to incorporate it in the CMSMS module. This allows you to use streetview and other newly available material.

New functionality was added with regards to preparing paths and lines on a map. Google uses the term Polyline for this. You can now add your own polyline to a map. Even multiple polylines to one map is possible.

Importing a GPX map is an option in the near future.

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