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11/03/2011 - Book on CMS Made Simple 1.9

Duketown has written a book on how to use CMS Made Simple.

There are two editions:

  • a digital version, that can be downloaded after payment via PayPal.
    locate it our shop for US$ 13.50.
  • a printed version that is available via
    Lulu will print and ship the book after payment.
    go directly to the Lulu page for Eur 21,50.
The book describes the core modules such as how to handle pages and news.
Installation of modules is explained and the E-Commerce suite that is maintained by Duketown is also explained in detail.
You can use this book in combination with CMS Made Simple version 1.9. When you have an older version installed you will notice that the majority of the book is supportive and usefull.
The content of both the digital and the printed edition are identical.

You will find at least the following chapters in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Installing
  • Overview of administration part
  • Managing Content Global Content Blocks
  • File Manager
  • News
  • Layout
  • Users and Groups
  • Extensions
  • Language Support
  • Module Guestbook explained
  • Ecommerce with CMSMS?
  • Site admin in detail
  • Miscellaneous
  • Support
  • Resources
  • Glossary


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