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17/10/2011 - Commerce modules ready for new CMSMS

As of now it is possible to upgrade/install the e-commerce modules of Duketown (think of Shop Made Simple, Cart Made Simple, Inventory Management and Coupons) in both 1.9.4 as well as 1.10 environments of CMS Made Simple.

The module have a check in which environment they are running and can be used therefor in both settings. This allows you to be prepared when the new version 1.10 of CMS Made Simple is available.

Duketown has been using the beta version of the new core set of programs and upgraded its e-commerce modules. This is possible since there is now enough knowledge available about the new version of CMS Made Simple. Duketown has been testing and integrating with the very first beta version that was released to the market.

Upgrading your e-commerce modules will release you from the stress at the moment that you are upgrading the core to version 1.10. Less stress because you can upgrade the modules at a different time then the core.

Besides the fact that the modules are now available for usage with 1.10 especially the Shop Made Simple has seen some new great functionality. There is now a category navigator in the back end, that allows you to locate an item for maintenance in far less steps that using the, still available, breadcrum function. Also searching for an item based upon its number has been made available. Want more functionality: how about a true connection at product maintenance level to the inventory management module.


29/09/2011 - Upgraded Team Sport Scores

The new version 1.1.9 has seen the light on September 28th. This new version is a final version, before the module is prepared and made ready for the CMSMS version 1.10.

Internally a number of changes have been made. As a result of this, it is possible to buy an extension for this module.

A new variable is made available on the options tab. It allows you to enter refferees per match. This is a text field that once filled is available on the front end to show.

When the silver extension is installed a number of new functions are available. See the detail on the extension.

29/07/2011 - New Module 'Discount Coupons' launched

Today a new module has been released by us in the forge of CMS Made Simple.

This module is Discount Coupons and works with module Cart Made Simple. An array of possibilities are there for you to control the discount given for an order placed using Cart Made Simple.

Flat value or a percentage of the total product amount are possible. You will be able to prepare a coupon and have it active for a period of time or using an activation code.

See more on the Discount Coupons page.

29/06/2011 - Inventory Management upgraded

The inventory management module that has been added recently to the e-commerce range of Duketown has now been upgraded to version 0.3.

Most important is that it supports new functionality that you can buy via our store. This SIlver extension supports the following:

  • An overview with all the items and the margin that you make per product once sold;
  • A transaction listing is already available in the free version, but with the advance version in the Silver extension the range of filter criteria has been extended with a date range, location and type of transaction. This helps getting a better overview what happened when with the inventory;
  • Count sheet generation
  • Count sheet exporting to a spreadsheet;
  • Count entry and generation of transactions based upon the counting;
  • Help on the extension has been put up in the CMSMS wiki pages.

15/06/2011 - Competition Standings for Team Sport Scores

Module Team Sport Scores has a lot in stock for those that want to register a team sport competition. Teams, clubs, matches and leagues for example. It is all included.

What was missing was a standing per league. Duketown has prepared a user defined tag (UDT) that can be connected to the page that you want. It will show the ranking of the teams within a league. Styling is provided, but you may extend the layout and prepared table the way you like it.

The UDT prepares a table with the ranking, the goals for and against, the matches won, drawn and lost. It shows up like:

Team Played Won Draw Lost Scored Against Points
Bulgarian Buldogs Men 1 2 1 1 0 3 2 4
Las Vegas Twilight Mens 1st 2 0 2 0 0 0 2
Chicago Lizards 2 0 1 1 2 3 1

This UDT can be bought via our shop.

10/04/2011 - 4th Dutch Workshop

On April 9th the 4th Dutch CMS Made Simple Workshop was held in Amersfoort and organized by erpee and Duketown. With 26 persons of all ages and from every wind direction. Even a Belgium enthousiast was in.

Two presentations where done. One by Jos on his Gallery module. When we looked at the forge statistics a big round of applause was given, since his module is 2nd after the core. Jos explained how to use the module (hammering on the fact to read the help text that comes with every module that you install). Links where made with CGFeedback module in an easy way. Various types of lightboxes were discussed. The Uploads module was shown for image uploading and making them directly available in the Gallery module.

Arnoud is one of the tips and tricks guys and regularly is posting his ideas in the forum. He had bundled, some of, them and gave a presentations on the available tags and how to prepare user defined tags (UDT). Explaining how simple a UDT could be used in connection with for example the Gallery module and others.

In earlier workshops a reply had been, that it would be great to split the group in various smaller ones and have them work on a specific issue. That was the base to start with cases in the afternoon. Five teams were formed. Each team having a different case and site to work in. All teams had the same thing to discuss work on: how would you try to push the case in a working CMSMS environment. Which modules would you use and can you push in some design?

In the presentation of the teams it became clear that in nearly two hours a nice site could be prepared. All attendees voted for the team with the best result. compufairy, mar61, boschie, realrock and RonnyK won that and went home with a '4th Dutch Workshop 2011' badge.

Again a great day to be part of.

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